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I live on a corner house.  This is from the opposite corner (looking southwest at my north-facing house).  Sun is setting in the West (right).  The dead grass is a native grass which is green/active in the Spring.  Big window is living room.  Window to left of front door is the spare bedroom.  Window to left of that (behind palm tree) is another bedroom.
front of house

Here is the view from the front door.  Family room area is through that doorway.  Garage is behind the tv.  Note the comforter on top of the couch.
living room

Here's the family room area/dining room/kitchen, viewed from the doorway.  Computer(s) on left, broom in center.
family room

Along the kitchen area, from the back door looking to the garage.  Hey.  What's in the garage?

Same location, but turn around and looking into the back yard.  Poor tree in the middle took wind damage over the years, and was also responsible for breaking into my sewer line.  Eventually I'll cut it down.  For now, though, it keeps the yard from looking empty ;-)  Trees on the left are some sort of gum/eucalyptus.  There's a storage shed to the right, and behind it is the gate to the alley.
back yard

OK, we're back in the house, looking from the living room down the hallway.  From left to right: two (front) bedrooms are on the left (notice light spilling out on the carpet), coat closet at end, master bedroom to its right (light on ceiling).  Then hall/main bathroom (light on floor), then gas furnace closet (used for cleaning supplies, storage of costco-sized stocks of tp, etc.), then before it is another doorway to the 'hobby room'.

Here is my bedroom, from the door.  I use that old sheet to try to keep cat hair from getting on the duvet cover (unstuffed - see red comforter on top of tall bookshelf in next photo.)

Here it is again, from the closet, looking to the master bath.  Note big blank wall which would make (and has made) a nice place for a dresser.  Cat's water dish is on the floor.